Free Speech

Freedom of Speech means alot, not only in this country but all over the world. Those who have and those who would love to have it. Those who fear for their lives if they stand on a corner with a sign or shouting things at a public official. Those who use it, and then you have those who use to insight fear, violence, bigotry, hate,  homophobia, twist & manipulate science, so on & so forth, these people take advantage of a simple idea that every human has a right to. It’s just like the people who take advantage of ‘Right to bear arms’ amendment, holding tightly onto their automatic weapons as if they can be useful in hunting. People like Jerry Fawell, Pat Robertson, the WBC, and as of recent a popular internet troll who I will refuse to name, I didn’t even post any mirrored videos or comments on the AAR Facebook page. People just like Fawell & Robertson have been dooming America, and predicting the end times for years, blaming natural disasters on the sins of America, and even blaming terrorist acts on Homosexuality, but later issuing a half-hearted apology. The point I am trying to make is, just because you have the right to, does it necessarily mean that you should? Is it good for people to hear about how ‘god hates America’ and how Homosexuality is a sin? What exactly are you going to accomplish out of such hate filled speech?

The troll I mentioned above came out and claimed it was all a hoax and then shut down their Youtube account, claiming it was parody. A parody that was very hard to see through. I remember watching the video for the first time and just feeling sick to my stomach over anyone can actually think like this person did, actually smiling with glee at the deaths and destruction in Japan, while at the same time like all the other so called “religious”, “righteous” and “god fearing” people, hiding their hatred behind their made up god. The thing is she claimed it was a parody, a parody I didn’t really find amusing. I’ve been thinking was it really a parody or did they just get tired of the threats & awful comments on their Youtube account? In other words could they not take the heat that comes with making such comments? I mean how could anyone really tell if it was parody or satire? I remember watching EdwardCurrent for the first time and thinking “This guy can’t be Christian” and his videos were so outlandish. Even after watching his videos if you still can’t decide whether or not he was joking you can go to his channel, where if you read the description you finally see that he is satire & its meant to be taken as a joke. Now it’s not the same when you went to the trolls channel. You would find other videos made up with such crazy talk, not to the extent of the recent video but just as crazy. You would find quotes by people like Jerry Fawell, and even the famous “Atheists shouldn’t be considered citizens” quote by George H. Bush. So where was any kind of hint that this was a joke?

If it was a joke, I didn’t get it. If she is an Atheist, than she went about the message all wrong. Atheists are better off without people like that on our side. Because like it or not the video & the message is still out there for everyone to see. People who watched it and disliked it, people who watched and agreed with it, and people who watched it and who will never find out that it was a so called hoax. Like Glen Beck & Bill O’Reillys crazy rants, people will watch their shows and listen and actually believe the garbage that comes from their mouth without ever investigating the matter themselves. The fact remains the seed was still planted, and as I said above just because you have the right to do it, does it mean that you should do it?

All you have to do is put yourself in the oppositions shoes. Imagine being a homosexual after the 9/11 attacks and hearing the bigoted Jerry Fawell say that the attacks were caused by homosexuality. I don’t think for a moment he thought about who he was going to hurt and how awful his remarks actually were. Imagine having family in Japan and seeing the Youtube video filled with more hate inspired speech. Imagine how much that would hurt to hear that maybe some of your family members died because of gods will, or blamed the disaster on other peoples Atheism. It’s just a simple experiment that can actually go along way. I’m all for Free Speech and don’t like censorship of any kind, but when the speech turns hateful maybe its best that you don’t open your mouth. Not just for yourself, but for everyone else too.


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